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EPIMED INTERNATIONAL and TRANS-PACIFIC HEALTHCARE (TPH) are pleased to advise that their WILEY SPINAL® device for Continuous Spinal Anaesthesia has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for sale in Australia.

This Class III device is unique in that it is a Catheter over a Needle designed for intrathecal placement through the dura therefore minimising loss of CSF and significantly lowering the likelihood of PDPH.

Available in a 4 inch (10cm) and in a 6 inch (15cm) version the WILEY SPINAL system is ideal for the following procedures: -

  • High Risk Obstetrics – enables immediate conversion to caesarean if required. 

  • Lower Limb Orthopaedics – hip & knee replacements as well as Foot & Ankle procedures.

  • Vascular surgery (lower limb)

  •  Complex Abdominal Surgery including Cancer surgery

WILEY SPINAL® offers significant advantages over the following procedures:

  • Continuous Epidural –

    • 10 x reduction in anaesthetic for the desired effect

    • More consistent and reliable spread

    • Rapid anaesthetic on-set

    • Definitive indication of correct placement by CSF

    • Less concern for Device migration since there is a significant reduction in anaesthetic used


  • Single Shot Spinal –

    • Not time dependent – can prolong procedure

    • Can titrate the amount of anaesthetic required to give the desired effect

    • Position the catheter to get the desired effect

    • Cardiovascular stability

    • Post-operative analgesia

  • Continuous Spinal Anaesthesia using a Catheter through a needle: -

    • Less CSF leakage due to significantly better dural seal – significantly lowers rate of PDPH

    • Steerable catheter

    • Ultrasound detectable

    • Use of a Wik Wire provides significant reduction in possibility of kinking of the catheter.

    • Unique Peel-away cannula to facilitate insertion

    • Available in a 6-inch (15cm) version for patients with a high BMI

WILEY SPINAL® is supplied in an all-inclusive kit at $145 + GST for the 4 inch (10cm) and $155 + GST for the 6 inch (15cm).

Product training using the EPIMED GENESIS® simulator is available and highly recommended. Please download the brochure - 

For further information including instructional video, copies of papers etc please visit the dedicated WILEY SPINAL® web site –

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